Proof of Funds Letter

Our “proof of funds” letters are accepted everywhere because unlike the typical “free” proof of funds letters you may find on the Internet, our POF letters are verifiable. That means you do more deals and make more money.

So, if your seller or seller’s agent wants to verify that the letter or you are real, we respond. If the seller wants to see a bank statement to back up the POF letter, we send it.

Why? Because we want you to get the offer accepted, and then need our funding!
The easier we make it for you to do deals, and the more deals you do, the more of our funding you need! It’s a win-win scenario like no other.

There is a catch though. We don’t provide our POF letters to just anyone. If we did, we couldn’t possibly back them up and they’d have little or no real value in the market place.

Please click the link below to watch our training video to learn how you can do more deals using our POF and Funding.

Click here for more information on our proof of funds letter.